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Welcome! I've created this blog because I am sick/disgusted of all the religious crap being spewed out by everyone! the political rantings about religion have become out of control! It needs to stop!
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Awesome!! LOL

Yeah, why use scientific facts when you have an ancient book as proof..

and really.. 46% of pastors believe the earth is 6000 years old.

Evolution!!! but evolution is not real!!

Where’s your God now…

Absolutely disgusting…


This is one of the numerous and real reasons that I hate religion!


I hate them all, I hate these fuckers. What a stupid horrible humanity. Adopting kids in Africa, showing off how good they are, charity and stuff and beating them to death, in the name of fucking lord…I just watched a movie, Agora. Not the best movie in the world but clearly showing how christians just destroyed the whole world and any chances for us to better ourselves in a civilized way.

And they say atheists are angry and unhappy???? Yes I am fucking angry and unhappy because of you shitty fuckers.

Poor kids.

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Dec[ember] 25 is not [Jesus’ — or Joshua’s for those people who like to be historically correct] birthday. Biblical scholars have debunked the blind belief that Jesus was born on Dec. 25 time and time again. Instead, through scientific, historical and astrological calculations, they’ve…

Ask me again why I am Atheist…

Ask me again why I am Atheist…