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Welcome! I've created this blog because I am sick/disgusted of all the religious crap being spewed out by everyone! the political rantings about religion have become out of control! It needs to stop!
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Evolution!!! but evolution is not real!!

Where’s your God now…

Hahahaha.. look at this shit!  marketing in the name of Jesus! Just what your man-God would want!!  Hey, every Religion makes a shit load off of the ignorant sheep that follow them, so why not!!!

925 Million went hungry or starved in the world in 2010.  Yet according to the latest CNN poll on whether you think God is responsible for Tim Tebow’s wins - 29% say YES!! so, your God answers a multimillion dollar sports figure and helps him score touchdowns, but lets thousands of kids in Africa die every day from HUNGER!!!!!

Yeah, seems about right…


Fucking Brilliant. Obliterating creationist ego in less than 6 minutes.


Bulletproof glass, stronger than prayers.


Bulletproof glass, stronger than prayers.

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Let’s not forget that this is the same god as the New Testament.


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The 13 most absurd objects Jesus has ever appeared on.

1) Crappy Christ

Apparently when Christians say “Jesus is everywhere,”  they mean “especially the stupidest places possible.” These lesser-known Christ sightings from around the country may still look like miracles to you, but we just see an attention-starved deity who’s weirdly obsessed with useless household crap. Check out this slew of random objects to see for yourself, and be sure to let us know if the Son of God ever shows up on your toilet brush or something.

2) Perfect For Wrinkled Suits, Souls

3) The Tip Line Just Says ‘Repent’

4) Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Pepperoni 

5) Give Me a Break, Jesus

6) A Spoonful of Savior

7) The Prince of Potassium

8) Water Damage Into Wine Damage

9) 2% Jesus

10) Cocktail Sauce Communion

11) Fish Stick That Could Feed Five-Thousand People

12) Chester Cheesus

13) Congratulations, It’s a Crucifix!

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I’ve never wanted to hug someone so much.


I’ve never wanted to hug someone so much.